Class Structure

At Beyond Poses Yoga every class has a similar structure: we begin by centering and bringing our attention to the present moment, bringing breath awareness and mindfulness. We gently start moving and warming up to prepare the body for the following 30 minutes or so, progressively picking up the pace into the core of the class. The last 15 minutes we slowly begin to cool down, lowering the heart rate, slowing down the rhythm of the breath and ending in our last blissful pose: Savasana (corpse pose) where there is nothing else to do then rest.


This is a slow paced, strechy and relaxing practice. You will be guided to move gently through poses laying on your mat, sitting and standing finding balance and strength as we breathe mindfully, leaving you energized and calm. Suited for beginners and experienced practitioners as well.


In a Vinyasa class you will be moving smoothly and continuously from one pose to another, matching each movement to your breath, which keeps you focused and centered. Calm breath, calm mind, calm pose. But don’t be fooled by the calmness, you will be challenged at your own pace and you’ll probably break a sweat! Each teacher brings their own style, music and level of intensity, so no two classes will be the same.


We might as well call this your “Mid Week Bliss”. A 50 minute candlelight slow to gentle flow followed by a 20 minute guided meditation. All levels of yogis are encouraged to join and reset.

Prenatal Yoga

Our Prenatal Yoga classes are designed to support mothers-to-be on their individual pregnancy journeys, from conception all the way to birth. We will work on gentle movements, stretching, focused breathing and meditations to meet your changing physical and emotional needs, while bonding with other pregnant women.
Some of the benefits are:

  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Increases the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth
  • Decreases lower back pain, nausea, headaches, and shortness of breath.


Yin yoga is a passive practice where poses are held for longer periods using minimum muscle effort. These long holds target the connective tissues (tendons, ligaments and fasciae) increasing circulation and improving flexibility and range of motion. Yin yoga is an introspective practice where you will develop stillness, patience and non-reactivity. All levels of yogis are welcome.


In this class you will be lead through a 40 minute fun and vigorous vinyasa flow with a creative sequence, along with an eclectic playlist. And as a prize for your effort, you will then be guided through 20 minutes of restorative poses, where you will rest and let go of any effort, supported by props such as bolsters, blocks and blankets. The best of both worlds!


This class combines traditional Hatha yoga with other forms of fitness, focusing on balance, flexibility and strength or aerobic exercise, providing the benefit of two techniques being applied at once. Fusion yoga targets the abdominal and spinal muscles which helps to promote strong core muscles. We switch it up and add different “workouts” as your body gets stronger and, you’ll notice the “work-ins” as your mind gets calmer.


This class is a slower version of our Vinyasa class. You will receive detailed guidance of basic poses to build the foundation for a safe practice, with time for you to assimilate proper alignment and connection of the movements with your breath. This is a great class for beginners and experienced practitioners wanting to re-learn the basics and have the tools and confidence to move forward with your practice.


This is NOT Hot Yoga! The room temperature will be just warm enough to promote a healthy sweat, detoxifying your body, releasing tension, and increasing flexibility as you flow from pose to pose. We’ll hold some poses for a little longer to allow you to find focus and develop strength and stability finding balance between effort and ease. No worries, we’ll regulate the temperature as we cool down ending the practice.


A modified version of the traditional Primary Series of Ashtanga. Students will flow through a set series of standing and seated postures aimed to build energy, link the power of breath and movement and wind down to a fruitful and peaceful meditation. All levels of yogis are welcome as modifications are always offered.


This is the time to fully relax, release and self soothe. Poses will be held long enough to find full relaxation being supported by props such as blankets, bolsters, blocks. It’s all about finding comfort to support stillness. No stretching or strengthening, just releasing. You will leave this class with a balanced nervous system, a better mood, completely relaxed in mind and body which will all promote a blissful sleep.


Tai Chi is an internal Chinese Martial Art practiced for defense training. This class focuses on the health benefits of practicing Chi Kung, Tai Chi, and Meditation. It involves physical exercise and may include gentle contact with other students for the purpose of training balance and coordination.


This is an all-levels yoga class shaped around the fundamentals of the practice including grounded standing postures, twists, and heart openers with an emphasis on alignment and prop support. Ideal for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners wanting to revisit the basics to improve their practice.

There are always rules

  • Plan to be on time, doors will be locked once class begins to avoid disturbing the class.
  • We practice Yoga barefoot, so please remove your shoes before entering the Studio space.
  • Refrain from wearing strong perfumes or fragrances.
  • Let your teacher know if you have any injuries or if you need any modifications.
  • We suggest that you practice on an empty stomach or at least 2 hours after a meal and stay hydrated.
  • Once in the studio, be mindful of your chatter. Some students might want to enjoy some quiet time.
  • Listen to your body and take rest when you need it.
  • Enjoy your practice!